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I hired Searchberg to take my existing website, that was polished and very professional, and change it to Wordpress so I could make changes without going through a webmaster. The 1st LIE was that they are a US company based in the state of Washington. After only 2 contacts with the person assigned to me, Scarlet, it was clear she was not from the US. I immediately asked for a refund, but weeks would go by and I got garbage from them. In the... Read more

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gave advice going against current SEO trends, provided NO support for one of my key areas. They are located in Pakistan, not the US. Sent emails to them during campaign and received replies that answered ZERO of my questions. False promises, nonsense. Do not use. At one point they advised me to delete half of the text from my website and replace it with pictures, regardless of the fact that there are jquery slideshows on 4 different pages... Read more

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They got well over $800 out of me and there was no site improvement. They submitted ads to free websites that nobody goes too. There was absolutely no improvement in traffic at all. Big waste of money! I caught them in so many lies and false promises. They will tell you anything to keep getting money out of you. Do not trust them. What they do for you, a 10 year old can do. One of the worst investments I ever made. I wish I had done my research... Read more

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Milked me each month and then dropped me. Hardly any improvement in my site rankings. I'm a novice at the SEO thing and was ripped off.told me they were in New York but they're in Pakistan.

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I am extremely grateful for the work Serchberg has done for me. There were many things accomplished for my website that I could not have done by myself. They added elements to my website that helped define the brand, and went beyond expectations to contribute to the company vision. I will be happy to work with them again in the future.Great work from a great team. Very professional and to the point. I highly recommend everyone to use their SEO... Read more

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I hired these guys and they put me on automatic plan for payment. It has been two months and they have charged me twice but nothing concrete has been delivered yet. Yet every week they send me a report that my rankings are this high and that high, but nothing to show for in traffic and sales. To top it off they hire their own goons to leave favorable reviews to mask the reviews by real customers. Read more

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Great job this month, we received inquiries from the US, China, Egypt and Indonesia in the passed 2 weeks. Some of the projects already confirmed by the clients, thank you for your marketing efforts. We hope to keep the momentum next month. My experience with Searchberg was very good.They are experienced and professional and they listened to our needs and concern and suggested the best way to proceed to rank our site higher in the search engines... Read more

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Listen to the lady on the phone promising you the world in highly accented English and then get screwed royally in the process. If you do not believe me go and see the content samples on their site and read it for yourself. It sounds like some guy sitting in a hut in backwaters of Pakistan or something writing 'em. The content they produced for me was full of spelling errors grammatical errors and completely rewritten from someone else's stuff.... Read more

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I worked with Searchberg over a 6 month period and I found them very professional to deal with and they were always available for communication. Quesitions were answered quickly and in a concise manner. As well as providing valuable feedback on improvements that could be made for my website, they also provided high quality blog content and PR articles. I found them very good to deal with. Outstanding to work with. Courteous, responsive, offered... Read more

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They claim that they are based in the US. But they are based in Pakistan. With their illiterate staff that barely know a word of English, their slick sales staff sells you empty dreams of getting your website oodles of traffic by waving a magic wand. But in reality they screw up not only your site but also your business by posting inaccurate, poorly written and insane claims about the product or service you are trying to market. My traffic is at... Read more

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